When we look at the whole “Plan of Salvation” we notice something very critical way down in the middle of the book of Revelation, and that is “God stops talking.”  Right there in the middle of the book, all Heaven goes quiet as far as communication with mankind and pleading and messages of hope and repentance, they all stop right here, as the saying goes, God stops talking.

There are now just “Three Last and Final Messages to Mankind” and these are trumpeted across Planet Earth by Three Heavenly Messengers, and then boosted by a fourth, who stands up to make sure we all got the same message from the previous Three Angels, so we should look very seriously at these and what is entailed within them, for from here on in and right to the last words in Scripture, it is all about what is coming next, Judgement and the rewarding of everybody based on what they have done while living and the rewards {Punishment} of any who come up short in the final judgment or final inspection.

Now is the time to check out who actually your “Saviour” is, is it your Pastor/Priest/Leader? Is it your Church or Denomination, who actually is your focus?  These last warnings are all about where or who we have placed our faith and salvation in, Jesus is happy to be your Saviour and Redeemer, or you can give this allegiance to anything or anybody else, but these warning messages advice to all mankind, that there is only one door and only one way into Heaven, and that is the Door – Jesus Christ.

If you follow the Sanctuary Layout, you will find an interesting thing, and that is that the 1st Angel is a call to quit sinning.  Tin = Sin in the Bible and Brass is Copper + Tin so we are to leave the Courtyard and move further inside.  The 2nd Angel has call to leave the Holy Place and come up higher and deeper in our relationship with Jesus Christ, we are to avoid any false and manmade systems.  The 3rd Angel calls out that there is a “Judgement” and that if you are anywhere else but in the Most Holy Place, (Noah’s call to come into the safety of the Ark) then the ensuring events will wash you away into oblivion and the only people saved are inside the Ark, inside the Most Holy Place.  Do you want to get washed away and to perish or do you want to wash your robes and be pure?

By Clive